Humbrella Media Audio & Video Studios

Music Recording

Recording your performance in a professionally designed acoustic space with pro engineers can bring your music to the next level

Mixing & Masering

Using tools such as equalizers, compression, Multi-band Expansion, Limiting, Saturation, Reverb, Delay, and Modulation

Commercial Voice over

Record high quality voice overs, ADR, and foley, for commercials, radio, television, film, or the internet.

Book Recording

Record high quality audio books for kindle. You will prefer our high quality acoustics room

Web Designing

Designing your artist website and websites for your new business ideas are in competent hands

Hip-hop production

We make Hiphop Bets that stands the test of time and also the ability of our quality sounds

Music Videos

We shoot music videos based on your budget.We also shoot viral videos.

DJ Services

Our DJ services can provide entertainment for any occasion. From birthday parties and family get-togethers

Podcast recording

get your voice out there and engage with people around the world with podcast services